Top 10 Lunches at Rockhurst


Ted Truebner, Staff Reporter

Lunch is many people’s favorite part of the day. You can socialize with friends, work on homework and, most importantly, eat food. FLIK provides a variety of different lunches that can do things ranging from making you feel great for the rest of the day to bolting to the nearing restroom.

Rockhurst is one of the few schools in the Kansas City area that gets its food from an outside source, so sometimes Rockhurst lunch is held to a higher standard. However, there are some good and bad lunches. So, these are the top 10 best school lunches at Rockhurst. Students chosen at random were asked to rate every lunch served this year on a scale from one to ten. The ratings for each were then averaged, with the highest appearing below.


*Disclaimer: Photos may not look like exactly like what students receive.*

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10. Pork Carnitas Tacos – 6.3 (average rating)

The Pork Carnitas Tacos are a simple lunch that you can pick your own toppings for. The only complaint about this meal is that the pork tends to be dry a lot of the time.






9. Grilled Salmon – 6.4

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Opinions from students vary about the grilled salmon. Some students say it is one of the best lunches and others say it is one of the worst. However, the majority enjoy it. This is the only seafood lunch that made the list.



8. Cheeseburger – 6.6

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The cheeseburger is always a popular food no matter who makes it. With this, you are allowed to pick your own toppings for it. The main problem with the cheeseburger is that the meat is very bland and there isn’t much flavor.





7. Buffalo Chicken – 6.8

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The Buffalo chicken makes for a great meal. The spicy and tangy sauce adds a nice flavor to the chicken. Many students have started to grab bread from the sandwich bar to make a spicy chicken sandwich. This makes for a lunch that has potential to be in the top three.



6. Beef Taco – 6.9 

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The beef taco is probably the most versatile meal on this list. You are given the ability to add any of the toppings you want to make the perfect taco. One of the only problems is that the tortillas break easily, leaving you to have to sadly eat the toppings with a fork.





5. Pulled Pork – 7.1 

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The pulled pork is a great comfort food for all of us in Kansas City. The tender meat, plus the barbecue sauce with it, makes it a crowd pleaser. No complaints.





4. BBQ Brisket – 7.2 

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The BBQ Brisket slightly edges out the pulled pork due to one key factor: the mac and cheese. The brisket is decent, but the mac n cheese is immaculate. Many times, students will wait in line on brisket day just to get a full plate of mac and cheese. If it had its own meal, then it might have the potential to be a #1 lunch.






3. Penne – 7.6 

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The Penne rarely is on the menu, but when it is, it is always a fan favorite. This meal is so good that it doesn’t even need a side dish. The only downside is that it will make you feel sick later in the day





2. Orange Chicken – 8.3 

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This chicken has the perfect amount of crispness and crunchiness. Along with the rice, it makes a tasty, filling meal. The FLIK chef says that orange chicken is the meal that they have to make the most of.






1. Fettuccine Alfredo – 9.2 

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This is simply the best lunch, hence why it won by a landslide. No other lunch even  comes close to this one. Whenever this is on the menu, it is sure to be a good day. The only problem is that the noodles have been undercooked before, however, It was still a top tier lunch.







Reporter’s Honorable Mention – Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich 

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The Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich has not been served this year, however that still doesn’t change that it is one the best meals. It’s like the makeshift buffalo chicken sandwich, however it is actually meant to be one. Flik needs to bring back this meal.